How Much To Rent A Jet Ski?

How Much To Rent A Jet Ski

We were on vacation one year and took the kids to a lake in Texas. We were hoping to find paddleboats, innertubes and other water sports. What I did find were jet skis rentals at a reasonable cost. What a terrific idea!

With all the vacation spots around, how much to rent a jet ski?  You can expect to pay $90-$100 for an average hourly jet ski rental.

What a bargain! We ended up renting two jet skis for a couple of hours. You should try it too.

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How Much Is It To Rent A Jet Ski?

Here is what I found for average Jet Ski rental costs in Texas for 2021:

Texas Jet Ski Price Average

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Jet Ski?

Rental prices are usually by the hour with a 2 hour minimum. Although I found a few that allowed a one-hour rental. The prices vary quite a bit and you will need to call ahead to make sure you know the rates.

Most places will have a way to pay online and will require a Visa or MasterCard to make the registration. You also have an option of paying cash in person.  A registration fee plus a refundable damage deposit is also customary when booking a reservation.  You can also count on a set notice for a cancellation refund if this is allowed.

Some renting agencies will require a full-day rental for each day it takes to make repairs for damage you or your passengers may have caused to their rental equipment.  Check the details in the contract or service agreement.

Ask about accounting for rainy days when booking a reservation.  Most highly reputable businesses will issue a rain check on days when it rains during your reserved time.

The typical jet ski season is from May until mid-September.

Other Tips For Renting A Jet Ski

For more detailed information about renting a Jet Ski check read here.

Jet Ski Rental Information

In most states, you must be 18 years old to drive and 16 years old for riding on a jet ski. Life jackets are required for all riders on a personal watercraft too.

Here is the rental process for some companies that are similar to what you will find in your area.

Malows Jet Ski Rentals explains their rental process
This video gives you the jet ski basics for beginners

See How Others Have Rented Jet Skis

See more from a typical jet ski rental from “Living In Las Vegas”


So, we have provided several costs and rates you can expect for renting a jet ski.  Here are some important points:

  • You can expect to pay $90-$100 on average hourly.
  • Rental companies usually offer hourly rides and up to 24 hours rates.
  • You can find city and beach jet ski rentals.
  • The typical jet ski season is from May until mid-September.
  • You usually can check rental rates on paddle boards and boat rentals.

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