Louisiana Fishing License Online

Louisiana Fishing License Online: Get Legal in a Few Easy Steps

Are you planning to fish in Louisiana? It’s essential to have a valid fishing license. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining a Louisiana fishing license online, including costs, age requirements, and types of licenses available. Learn how to obtain your fishing license in Louisiana online through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) website.

This article explains how to obtain fishing licenses in Louisiana in simple terms:

  • Mandatory Louisiana fishing license for all individuals, regardless of residency status or age
  • Various types of fishing licenses are available, including freshwater, and more
  • License prices depend on residency status, age, and license type
  • Licenses can be purchased online or in person from authorized retailers
  • Some licenses are valid for a limited period, while others last longer

Continue reading to equip yourself with the necessary information for a successful and lawful fishing trip in Louisiana. Discover your required license, how much it will cost, and where you can conveniently obtain one.

Louisiana Fishing License Online

Basic Fishing License

To fish in Louisiana, you need a basic fishing license. You can purchase this license online through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) website. The process is simple, and you can complete the transaction from the comfort of your own home. When obtaining your license, remember to provide accurate information, as the LDWF requires this for license issuance.

Louisiana Fishing License
*This image is a representation and not intended to depict an official state fishing license.

Saltwater Fishing License

If you plan to fish in saltwater areas, in addition to the basic fishing license, you’ll need a saltwater fishing license. This separate license is also available for purchase on the LDWF website. Make sure to grab the correct license for the type of fishing you plan to do, as rules and regulations differ between freshwater and saltwater fishing.

WMA Access Permit

Some fishing locations in Louisiana require a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) access permit. This permit grants you access to designated areas for recreational activities, including fishing. To obtain a WMA access permit, visit the LDWF website in the licenses and permits section.

With your Louisiana fishing license and permits purchased online, you can now safely and legally discover the abundant fishing opportunities this state has to offer. Always be mindful of the rules and regulations governing each area, and remember to display your digital licenses on the LA Wallet app if you prefer using your smartphone instead of physical copies. Enjoy your fishing adventures responsibly, and have a great time on the water!

Types of Licenses

Lifetime Licenses

If you’re an avid angler or hunter, consider purchasing a Lifetime License. These licenses offer significant savings and convenience, allowing you to enjoy fishing and hunting in Louisiana for life. Lifetime License options include:

  • Lifetime Fishing License: covering both Basic and Saltwater fishing
  • Lifetime Combination License: includes all fishing and hunting privileges

Keep in mind that Lifetime Licenses are only available for Louisiana residents.

Senior Hunting/Fishing Licenses

For seniors, Louisiana offers a special Senior Hunt/Fish License. If you are a resident who reached age 60 on June 1, 2022, or later, you can obtain this license to hunt or fish. The Senior Hunt/Fish License is in lieu of Basic and Saltwater Fishing, Deer License, LA Duck License, Turkey Stamp, and WMA Access Permit. Benefits of the Senior Hunting/Fishing License include:

  • Covers all gear
  • Reduced cost compared to purchasing individual licenses

Student and Military Licenses

Students and military personnel have additional licensing options available. If you’re a non-resident student attending a Louisiana college or university, you may purchase a Non-Resident Student Fishing License, which is valid for one year. For military personnel, there is a Special Military Hunting/Fishing License, available for active-duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Louisiana or Louisiana residents stationed outside of the state. This license covers:

  • All basic hunting and fishing privileges
  • Required permits and stamps for waterfowl and turkey hunting

Remember that these licenses cater to unique situations and are designed to make it more accessible for students and military personnel to enjoy Louisiana’s abundant fishing and hunting opportunities.

Residency Requirements

When applying for a Louisiana fishing license, it’s essential to understand the residency requirements for obtaining the proper licenses and permits. As a Louisiana resident, you need to have lived in the state for at least six months prior to applying for a fishing license to qualify for resident rates1.

For applicants aged 18 and older, two mandatory documents are required: a valid Louisiana driver’s license that was issued at least six months before applying, and a Louisiana voter’s registration card. These documents will serve as proof of residency when applying for your fishing license.

Certain groups of Louisiana residents are exempt from having to purchase a fishing license. These exemptions include:

  • Residents and non-residents under the age of 18 (i.e., 17 and younger).
  • Louisiana residents born before June 1, 1940, and have lived in the state for at least six months.

However, even for eligible exempt residents, it’s important to carry proof of age in your possession while fishing to avoid any issues with local enforcement.

By understanding and following these residency requirements, you can make the process of obtaining a Louisiana fishing license more straightforward and ensure that you comply with state regulations during your angling adventures.

Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License

The Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License is an all-inclusive option for anglers and hunters in Louisiana. With this license, you’ll have access to both freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as hunting privileges for deer, turkey, and waterfowl. This license also includes a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Access Permit, allowing you to explore and enjoy Louisiana’s diverse wildlife habitats.

Here’s what’s included in the Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License:

  • Basic Fishing License
  • Saltwater Fishing License
  • Basic Hunting License
  • Deer Hunting License
  • Turkey Hunting License
  • Waterfowl Hunting License (Louisiana Duck License)
  • WMA Access Permit
  • Recreational gear licenses (except trawls no greater than 25 feet in length)

To obtain your Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License, you can purchase it online through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.

The cost of the Sportsman’s Paradise License for residents is $100. Please note that you may be required to provide proof of residency and other personal information when purchasing your license. If you are a resident with disabilities, you can obtain a saltwater fishing license for just $2.50. Military personnel, both resident and nonresident, can get a saltwater fishing license for $5.50.

For non-residents interested in saltwater fishing, there are other license options available. Nonresidents can choose between a one-day trip saltwater fishing license for $17.50 and a saltwater season license for $30. These licenses, however, require you to have a basic fishing license in addition to the saltwater license.

Don’t wait to start taking advantage of Louisiana’s incredible fishing opportunities. Get your Sportsman’s Paradise License today and enjoy the fantastic outdoor experiences that Louisiana has to offer.

Recreational Offshore Landing Permit

If you’re a private angler looking to catch specific species in Louisiana waters, you’ll need a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP). This permit comes at no cost and isn’t required for anyone under 18 years old.

Don’t worry about getting a ROLP if you’re not fishing offshore, just going offshore on charter boats, or not aiming to catch and land the specified species.

Remember, the ROLP is necessary for possessing tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers, snappers, hinds, cobia, wahoo, and dolphinfish.

  • Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP) is required for private anglers to possess specific species in Louisiana waters.
  • Permit is free and not needed for minors under 18.
  • Not required if not fishing offshore, only going offshore on charter boats, or not fishing for/landing specified species.
  • ROLP is required for possessing tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers, snappers, hinds, cobia, wahoo, and dolphinfish.

Louisiana Fishing Limits

If you’re planning a saltwater fishing trip in Louisiana, it’s important to know the limits and regulations for the different types of fish.

Our article on Louisiana Saltwater Fish Limits provides a comprehensive guide to help you stay informed and make the most of your fishing experience.

Louisiana Fishing License Cost

The cost of a fishing license in Louisiana depends on factors such as age, residency status, duration, and the type of license. Licenses are available for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department offers money-saving packages to cater to different needs.

The Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License covers both freshwater and saltwater licenses, while the Senior Package provides discounts for individuals over 60 years of age. With a variety of affordable options, anglers can choose the best license or package to fit their specific needs and budget.

Basic Fishing LicenseIncludes all legal recreational freshwater gear$17$68$17$30
Saltwater LicenseBasic fishing license required$15$30$15$30
Hook and LineAllows using a pole or hook and line without a reel and without artificial bait or any of the following: dip nets, landing nets, minnow traps, crab nets or crab lines$5$5
Senior Hunting/ Fishing LicenseResident age 60 and born between June 1, 1940 and May 31, 1962$5
Senior Hunting/ Fishing LicenseResident born before June 1, 1940FREE
Louisiana Sportman’s Paradise License$100$400$100$120
Charter Passenger Saltwater License (3-day)$20$20
Charter Passenger Freshwater License (3-day)$10$10

Louisiana Fishing Violations and Fines

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) or visit their official website.

  1. Fishing without a valid license:
    • Fine: up to $50
  2. Over the limit or undersized fish:
    • Fine: $100-$350 per fish
  3. Fishing in a prohibited area:
    • Fine: up to $500
  4. Unauthorized use of commercial fishing gear:
    • Fine: up to $500
  5. Failure to properly tag or report harvested fish:
    • Fine: up to $350
  6. Illegally transporting live game fish:
    • Fine: up to $500
  7. Fishing with prohibited methods or gear:
    • Fine: up to $500

Please note that these fines are for illustration purposes only and may not represent current amounts. The actual penalties may vary, and additional fines or penalties could be imposed, including the suspension or revocation of licenses, community service, or even imprisonment in some cases. Always consult official Louisiana regulations and resources for the most accurate and current information on fishing violations and fines.

Steps To Get A Louisiana Fishing License Online

Before starting the process, remember that all anglers 16 years or older are required to have a license when fishing in Louisiana.

  1. Visit the online licensing system: Access the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) online licensing system to begin the process of applying for your fishing license.
  2. Create or log in to your account: If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create an LDWF account. If you already have an account, simply log in with your existing account credentials.
  3. Select the appropriate license: Determine the type of license you need, whether it’s a resident, non-resident, or specialty license (such as for military, students, or those with disabilities). If you’re unsure about which license to choose, consult the license options provided by the LDWF.
  4. Fill out your personal information: Complete the required personal information, such as your full name, address, and date of birth. Ensure that all information is accurate to prevent any delays or issues with your license application.
  5. Review the license fees: The fees for each type of fishing license will be displayed before purchasing. Confirm that you have selected the correct license and understand the associated fees.
  6. Complete your payment: Once you have confirmed your license selection, follow the payment process to finalize your purchase. Most major credit cards are accepted.
  7. Print your temporary license: After your payment has been processed, you’ll have immediate access to a temporary fishing license. Print this out and carry it with you while fishing until you receive your official license in the mail.
  8. Wait for your official license: Your official Louisiana fishing license will be mailed to you within a few weeks. Make sure to keep your temporary license with you until the official one arrives.

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy recreational fishing in Louisiana. Remember to always carry your fishing license with you and follow all fishing regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Louisiana offers a variety of fishing opportunities, requiring appropriate licenses available through the LDWF website.

Several options cater to residents and non-residents, including the all-inclusive Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License and the Recreational Offshore Landing Permit for specific species. Online purchasing and the LA Wallet app provide convenience in obtaining and displaying licenses.

Adhere to local rules and regulations, and explore the range of license options such as Lifetime Licenses, Senior Hunting/Fishing Licenses, and Student or Military Licenses to fully enjoy Louisiana’s diverse fishing opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Louisiana fishing license cost?

Louisiana fishing license fees vary depending on whether you are a resident or non-resident. General fishing licenses for residents range from $2.50 to $13, while non-resident licenses range from $17.50 to $30.

How do I purchase or renew my Louisiana fishing license online?

You can purchase or renew your Louisiana fishing license online by visiting the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website. Fill out the necessary information and submit your application. Once completed, you will receive an email with a digital copy of your license, which you can save on your cell phone.

What is the age requirement for a Louisiana fishing license?

In Louisiana, everyone 16 years of age or older is required to have a fishing license.

What if I have trouble with the online purchase process?

If you need assistance with your online purchase or have licensing questions, you can contact the 24-hour help desk at 888-362-LDWF (5393) or call the license office at 225-765-2887 or 225-765-2898 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Are there any special licenses or permits available for different types of fishing in Louisiana?

Yes, there is a Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License, which includes Basic and Saltwater Fishing Licenses; Basic, Deer, Waterfowl, and Turkey Hunting Licenses; a WMA Access Permit; and all legal gear privileges except for trawls longer than 25 feet.

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